No, Tesla AC and Tesla car company is different company.Tesla Air Conditioner has it's own trademark and both are entirely different companies. Tesla AC company is ISO-9001:2015 certified company and authorization to sell and import electronic appliances.

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You will get 3 years warranty in compressor and service and maintenance and 1 years for all unit or parts of Tesla-AC.

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Vitamin-C Filter is extra features of Tesla air conditioner which contains vitamin-C filter. With the Vitamin-C filter it decrease the allergies and nostril and skin dryness. It helps to mostrurize the skin and good for the children.

A room air conditioner is ideal for rooms up to 200 sq ft where one of the walls is exposed to the outside. In case of budget and space constraints, one could go for a Window AC. Though window units are cheaper and easy to install; Split ACs are quieter in operations, more aesthetically appealing and have better air distribution. If there are no exposed walls, a Split AC is the only option. Split ACs have two units – a compressor unit outside and the indoor unit inside. Since the compressor is kept outside, noise levels are lower in a split air conditioner as compared to the window air conditioner. However, installing the split units may require some renovation work, which implies a monetary investment.

To know what tonnage of Air Conditioner to buy, one needs to do a heat load calculation of the room to be airconditioned. Very often, a thumb of rule of 100 sq ft = 1.0 ton is applied to calculate the room AC tonnage. However, this method may not be accurate. The size of the windows, location of the walls (west or east facing), floor, number of people expected to occupy the room, other gadgets in the room and lighting, amongst others, all play a role in calculating the right tonnage for the room. It is recommended to request for a technician to visit the room and allow him to do a heat load calculation. For a quick calculation, please visit the tonnage calculator section in the Tesla site. The right AC tonnage is a critical step since buying an undersized air conditioner may provide inadequate cooling with perhaps the compressor never cutting off, and buying an oversized one may result in high power bills.

One should note the star labelling on the Air Conditioner. The star rating varies from 1 Star to 5 Star. More the stars, the more energy efficient the Air Conditioner, and better will be the corresponding savings. The star rating is defined by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency guidelines and air conditioners of all brands are tested and certified by a third-party agency for the star-rating.

High energy efficiency design involves increased components in the heat exchange area due to which the input costs increase. Hence, a higher star Air Conditioner such as a 5 Star AC costs more than a 2 Star one. To take an informed choice related to energy and monetary benefits in an Air Conditioner, one needs to calculate the energy and corresponding monetary savings. Payback period in years = Incremental higher price/energy saving in a year over a lower star AC. Buying a 5 Star Air Conditioner is a good decision in the long term especially given the fact that consumers nowadays use their air conditioners for much longer periods and the power tariff is likely to increase over the years.

The Window AC should be installed at a height of 5 feet behind the user. The air draft from the air conditioner should not hit the user directly.

A normal Window Air Conditioner or Split Air Conditioner will throw air upto 15 feet. However, special split units are available to throw air upto 30 feet.

The Window Air Conditioner should be installed at a height of 5 feet behind the user. The air draft from the air conditioner should not hit the user directly.

Window Air Conditioner's and Split Air Conditioner's of lower tonnage work on single phase. However, it is better to have a 3-phase supply, and distribute the other loads like geysers, washing machines, pumps and lights in the other 2 phases.

Filter cleaning depends on the frequency of usage and the atmospheric conditions. For normal applications, it is recommended to clean the filter once in 15 days. Also, the AC should be serviced once in 3-4 months for optimal performance and longer life of the machine.